“Love Death punk and smash racism”.

This is the motto that defines Turbonegro, one of the most important bands out there, giving a new definition to the rock n roll music genre!

Originally from Norway, their music has been characterized as “Death Punk” however the Band refuses to compromise at genre stereotypes. For 25 years and counting, Turbonegro are still going strong, having a hugely dedicated fan base, including Turbojucend that counts more than 1775 official clubs around the world, including 2 in Greece.

From the first unripe and raw sonic moments of “Hot Cars” and “Spent Contraceptives and Ielta Skelta” to the holy gospels of Death Punk, Ass Cobra and Apocalypse Dudes, the Norwegians gave their blessing to unholy chorus, giving the finger to the demure side of rock n roll!

The glam rock aesthetic and their punk soul attitude, was followed by their second active period from 2003 onwards. "Get it On", "I Got Erection" "All my Friends Are Dead", "Fuck the World", up to the recent "You Give Me Worms" are just a small sample on what will follow on TerraVibe stage at Rockwave Festival, on Sunday, 5th June! Be there or be square.