Purchase your tickets for Rockwave Festival on time from one of the official points of sale:

Ticket House, Panepistimiou 42 str., Athens

MusicLand, Mitropoleos 102 str., Thessaloniki

Network of GERMANOS/COSMOTE stores all over Greece (with an additional 10% charge)

Online sales at www.tickethouse.gr

(In all online transactions there is an additional 10% charge)

As long as the barcode has not been altered, you can use it to enter Rockwave Festival.

Yes. Your ticket should be printed, so it will be easily scanned from the barcode readers.

Yes. Just follow the special signage that lead to the Terra Vibe Parking Area.

Buses that will take you to Rockwave Festival begin their route from the center of Athens and more specifically:

  • from Larisis Central Train Station (Apollon Association buses)
  • from Pedion Areos (Attica KTEL)
  • from Thiseio Train Station (Attica KTEL)

Once each Festival day is over, buses will depart from the disembarking point.


The buses’ routes begin 2 hours before the gates open and they execute a route per hour.

You can purchase your ticket from Ticket House (Panepistimiou 42 str., Athens), or in the bus at the departures,

For your convenience it is advisable that you arrive at the area at least one hour before gates open.

Stay tuned for the official announcement of the program!

For your own safety, as well as the artists’ and all those working in the Festival, it is expressly forbidden to transport and/or possess:
• Glass bottles
• cans of soft drinks
• Weapons, flares and smoke
• Flammable materials
• sharp and dangerous objects such as knives, knives, such as nape rings
• pendants, pens and other laser beam objects
• Objects with liquid phosphorescent material
• Flagpoles.

The Festival's security staff reserves the right to control and seize the objects and remove the holders from the venue.

Rockwave festival welcomes everybody.

If you wish, you can contact info@didimusic.gr prior to your arrival.

Upon arrival at the entrance of the site, seek the festival personnel to accompany you to the appointed area.

There is also provision for specific portaloos.

We advise you to adhere to your doctor’s instructions, taking into consideration that you could be exposed to a big crowd and high-volume music.
In case you start feeling uneasy or sick, please inform the available doctors as soon as possible.


Due to safety reasons, the entrance for children under the age of 3 years old is forbidden.

The use of audiovisual media (cameras, video cameras, mini discs, and any other means of recording video and audio)
is not permitted under copyright laws.

Please avoid bringing with you such media.

The Festival'S security personnel and representatives of artists reserve the right to confiscate such objects and removal their holders from the site.

At Terra Vibe Park, you will come across fully equipped first aid mobile units and medics.

You will easily spot them by their special marking.

No. At Terra Vibe Park, you will find fully equipped bars and snack kiosks from the moment the gates open.

Bars do not accept payment in cash.

Transactions in bars are made exclusively with tokens.
Firstly, you buy the amount of tokens you think you will need from the designated cash desks.

At these specific desks, transactions can be made using cash or credit cards.

Due to safety reasons, it is prohibited to exit the Festival, once you’ve entered.

Due to safety reasons, it is prohibited to exit the Festival, once you’ve entered.