Volunteering is an integral part of every big scale production such as Rockwave Festival. Volunteers not only gain great experiences by participating in the main operating sectors of the festival but also enjoy some special privileges. A pre requirement for our volunteers is the willingness to substantially contribute in the completion of the festival as well as the ability to be part of a ‘big family’.

Press office

Volunteers are the driving force of the press office. They begin working long before the festival and their job description includes anything that has to do with the promotion of the festival, the P.R. sector as well as the coverage of the festival in regards of photographs and articles.

Customer service

One of the most responsible positions in the entire festival. Volunteers in customer service basically act as the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of Rockwave Festival. Their job is to inform the fans about the festival amenities as well as helping in the resolution of delicate incidents in cooperation with the festival’s personnel.

Cleanliness coordinators

Maintaining the cleanliness of Terra Vibe Park, and its surroundings, is one of our main priorities during the festival. The cleanliness coordinators are in charge of keeping the festival site clean from the beginning to the end of the festival day.